How Do I Improve My Google SEO Ranking
How Do I Improve My Google SEO Ranking?
January 14, 2021
What Is SEO

Hey! What is SEO ? How did you land here? You must be searching for what is Search Engine Optimization and how it works or something closely related to it. Well, it doesn’t matter if you have used Google, Bing, or any other search engine to end up on this page, we are happy that you are here.

The question (what is seo) is not ending here. We are very keen to tell you the story behind your search query and the secret behind the results you got! You have certainly not come to this page by chance. It’s not that the search engine you used has randomly picked this page out of the sky and displayed it to you, hoping that it will answer your question. The fact is that there is a complex algorithm working at the backend to select the best page out of a billion pages indexed on the search queries related to SEO. The best is determined by considering several factors such as relevance, and the one that should satisfy you.

Let’s end the formalities and answer your question.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym used for search engine optimization, a digital marketing strategy that is used to optimize your web content to make its presence on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., and to get organic traffic on your website. It is necessary to understand how search engines and SEO works. This can help you to increase your visibility or rank on the top in search results.

SEO is categorized into three types Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO (On-Page & Off-Page), and Grey Hat SEO. 

SEO Graph

Let’s see the difference in the three main categories:

White Hat SEOGray Hat SEOBlack Hat SEO
It refers to methods that improve the rankings on the SERPs while maintaining the integrity and staying within the search engine’s terms of service.It is neither a black hat nor white hat SEO. In this process, over-optimization or accidental duplication can occur. It refers to a set of methods that are used to increase the rankings on SERPs via the violation of the search engine’s terms of service.
Useful & Relevant ContentClickbait & Duplicate Content Content with Keyword Stuffing
Earned links from high-authority sitesLink exchanged between sitesSpam or paid link building
Relevant Keyword ResearchPaid ReviewsCloaking

White Hat SEO is the only and recommended technique that we also use to rank websites on the top of search engines using legitimate techniques. White Hat SEO is further divided into two important types and which are On-Page SEO and Of-Page SEO. 

On-Page SEO refers to all Google’s ranking factors that are performed and optimized on your website. Whereas Off-Page SEO refers to the activities that are performed on other websites.  

Both the strategies are different, but you have to get both of them right to do well with SEO. The purpose of both on-page and off-page SEO is to make your site more friendly as well as reliable for users and search engines. When search engine crawlers see how favorable your website is to them and users, there are high chances that your site will rank well for various search engines.

Why You Should Know How SEO Works?

Nowadays we all look at the search engines whenever we have to look for something that includes right from the restaurants, doctors, companies, etc. nearest to your location. And Google must have provided results in just a matter of nanoseconds. But how does it do all these things? But what you do when you search for a query. It would not be untrue to say that you click on the links that showed right on the top. If you do not find a relevant answer in one you click the back button without wasting a second. Thus, think about what your customers will be doing if you are not on the top and have relevant content on your website. 

There are more than 200 ranking factors that you should know. Don’t forget to read and understand Google’s algorithms as they play a vital role in ranking a website. The On-Page factors are exactly what they sound like; they are things that actually happen on the page. This includes title tags, web content, site load speed, web page URLs, image alt tags, internal linking, and more. And the Off-Page factors are based entirely on links from other sites to your site.

It is important to note that these bots are automated computer programs and not real humans. So, they can’t see the things present on the website, they only crawl the code, content, images, and videos, etc. 

Here is detailed information about the activities that are performed in On-Page and Off-Page SEO. 

What is SEO On-Page Checklist?

This shows the search engine crawlers that what your website is all about. It shows the crawlers that the web page is a good search result as it is relevant and useful. The checklist is as follows:


  • Website Planning / Architecture


      1. Title Tag 
      2. Meta Tags (Keywords, Description)
      3. Robots.txt 


  • Website Content


      1. Keywords, Key Phrases, Long tail keywords 
      2. Heading (H1, H2, H3) Tags
      3. Hyperlinks, Alternate Texts 
      4. Image Optimization


  • SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL


    1. Bread Cramps 
    2. Web Page Links 
    3. Web Page internal linking 
    4. Internal Anchor Links 
    5. Sitemap (For Easy SE Indexing) 
    6. W3C Validation (Script Validation)

Inlined What is Seo Off-Page Checklist

This shows the search engine crawlers that your website is valuable and important. It makes crawlers see that the web page is popular and authoritative. The checklist is as follows:


  • Link Popularity Analysis 
  • Competition Analysis
  • Link Building


      1. One Way Links 
      2. Reciprocal Links 
      3. Multiple Way Links 


  • Search Engine Submission 
  • Directory Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Getting engaged in Blogs, Online community, and discussion boards


Now You Know What is SEO and How Seo Works, Get Up And Make It Work For You!

Optimizing and ranking your website for search engines is an interesting and valuable task. If you are not technically an expert, you may find it challenging, but you can always reach out to a professional digital marketing company and that will surely help you.

Secure Rank is a leading SEO agency with years of experience optimizing clients’ websites to rank them top on the search engines. Whether you are new to SEO or want to take your optimization to a next level, we are excited and always available to help you.

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